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Carmella Dawkins

Certified Consultant


My Story

I was first introduced to Scentsy by a co-worker who bought Scentsy and I loved it. I just had to buy it! I love good quality candles, essential oils, and cleaning product. I knew I wanted something that had a scent to fill a room and then some, a nice dim light that was relaxing and calming, an alternative to a candle.

As a mother of a toddler who is always on the go and getting into things. I knew having a lit candle was now out of the picture. I needed something that was safe around children and was not going to harm my child if they happen to knock it over or get into it. Scentsy was my answer to all from the wax warmers, essential oils, cleaning and laundry products. If your child or even pets was to knock one of our warmers over, the wax would quickly dry and be easy to clean.

I became a consultant in May 2020 and I have loved it ever since! I love to help others with their needs for Scentsy buddy, Scentsy diffuser, Scentsy catalog and our aroma therapy diffuser's! Scentsy warmers come in all shapes and sizes and are unique! Some of our warmers part of the sale goes to a charity as well (Alzheimer, Shriners, Make a Wish Foundation) which I love as I have lost a grandma to Alzheimer!

How may I assist you and getting your house, car, office, and small spaces, smelling amazing!!!

Contact me here and I will be more than happy to help you with your needs!

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